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Professional Body Shop Paintwork Specialists

Body Shop Resprays

From small repairs to full resprays we can undertake any type of customised body sghop repspray using the very latest water based paints from some of the worlds leading manufacturers such as ICI NEXA & MAX MEYER, providing us with the latest technology to give you that perfect finish.

Bumper Scuffs, Scratches and Panels
We offer respray services for minor work including bumper scuffs, key scratch repairs, accident repairs or new panel colour matching.

Smart Repairs
As it says we keep the repair as local as possible such as bumper corners or tops of panels all helping to keep the cost down where required.

Full Body Respray
Exactly that, we peel back your current paint, undercoat and colour your car to its original colour or any colour you wish. This also allows for the restoration or styling process.

Paint Finishes
We can match your car colour with a variety of effects and finishes including pearlescent, matt, metallic, two tone and gloss.

Paint Protection
One of our team is a skilled vehicle detailer that is fully trained in the application of numerous paint coatings. Please call to discuss requirements.

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